Benefits of training with pool buoy

Benefits of training with pool buoys

Pull buoys are exceptional training devices for swimmers, triathletes and in some cases, they are also good for certain types of physical rehabilitation. With the buoy, you can just use your arms for forward motion in the water. By omitting assistance from your legs, you're isolating the muscles in your upper body, forcing your arms to do almost all of the work of propulsion.

Keep in mind that if a specific buoy model doesn't work for the kind of training you're doing, you may need to find a different product. For example, a bigger or more buoyant product might add better flotation to your workouts, keeping your lower torso and legs higher in the water.

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The three reasons to use pool buoys

Technical advancement and assistance: A pull buoy helps develop and advance proper skill as well as assist in flotation of the hips and legs for under- developed athletes.

Recovery: Due to buoyancy subsidy from the buoy, pulling can be used for recovery during significant load phases in training, and/or to break up large main workout sets.

To build power: Removing the buoy and pulling with secured ankles is very challenging. Its application builds both technique and fitness, as the athlete works on core tautness, a higher stroke rate and increasing power. Without a kick or buoy, significant load is placed on the swimming muscles of the upper body.